Creek Bottom Brewery is a small startup farm based brewery located in Southeastern Indiana. Our area has a rich German Immigrant history and that of course includes the great beers and brewing methods not just of Germany but of Western Europe. Our vision is to stay true to the traditional craft of brewing while using science to control the quality.

Creek Bottom Brewery’s Mission:
Community – Provide a business that focuses on the local community by developing a product that is sold through local business and meets the needs of the local customer’s taste.
Consistent Quality – We will have a steadfast pride in providing the customer with the highest quality, “No-Short-Cuts”.
Creative Fun – We will use ingenuity to develop a variety of unique and original recipes that appeal to the traditional and adventurous customer.
Family – Our core values come from being a small family owned and operated farm based brewery tucked in the hills of Southeastern Indiana.
Passion – We will strive to remain an independent business by building a brewery from the ground up and caring about every step of the brewing process. We will promote the ‘Love for Craft Beer” by creating a beer centric environment for our customers and staff.
Tradition – We will maintain a stewardship of our German ancestry in brewing by focusing on producing the best handcrafted beers available.

Refreshing Taste